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12 Tips for Keeping your Immune System Healthy

12 Tips for Keeping your Immune System Healthy

12 Tips for Keeping your Immune System Healthy

Everything may feel a little upside down right now but by making small lifestyle changes you can support your Immune System through all seasons of life. The list below is not all-inclusive, but it certainly is a good start. It is not necessary to tackle all of it at once. Implement adaptations gradually. Your body will thank you and you will spend more of your precious time enjoying life!

  • Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. Avoid touching your face while in public. Use tissues when coughing or sneezing. Consider using a facemask while in heavily populated areas. Make sure your food is cooked well.
  • Eat a well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diet, including lean protein, vegetables, fruit, and other complex carbohydrates. Implementing healthy fats such olive oil, avocado, and nuts is also recommended. Nutrient dense food will support your body systems and lower your toxic load.
  • Stay hydrated! Water keeps your immune cells and organs healthy.
  • Add Vitamin D3 to your daily regimen, either through supplementation and/or time outside in the sunshine. Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone, not a vitamin, that directly impacts the Immune System.
  • Vitamin C is a great way to support your Immune System. Make sure you choose a quality supplement such as liposomal or whole food-based vitamin c. 
  • Herbal teas and supplements can also support your Immune Response. Consider using Elderberries, Essiac Tea, Black Seed Oil, Garlic, or other immune sustaining natural supplements.
  • Epsom Salt Baths are also great for lowering your toxic load as well as stress. Soak in 2 cups of salt added to your bath for 40 minutes. The first 20 minutes is your detoxification period. The 2nd 20-minute phase infuses your body with Magnesium: an essential mineral, which supports healthy cell function and so much more!
  • Exercise will enable your body’s Immune Response by reducing your stress and increasing blood flow, which allows your immune cells to move to the site of a foreign challenge more efficiently. 
  • Reduce your Stress. When you feel frazzled, your emotional state transfers energy to your physical body. The release of chemical messengers (cytokines) can help you short term by preparing your body in the event of a challenge, but a constant state of anxiety can lead to a bad outcome. Mindfully, go outside and breathe in fresh air. Take a nature walk. Practice yoga stretches. Do anything that puts your mind and body connection in a place of relaxation.
  • Rest! Your Immune System handles daily viral encounters better if you gift yourself with a good night’s rest. Always listen to your body’s request for more sleep. Feeling especially sluggish? Take a nap. You may just need some extra zzz’s to empower your Immune System.
  • Research has shown many times over that Beta Glucan supports a Healthy Immune Response. In fact, as little as 100 mg of Glucan 300® per day will provide great benefits to the Immune System. Unleash Immune Ability!
  • Stay informed. The more you know, the better you can prepare. You also experience less stress if you feel ahead of the game.


Here’s to staying healthy and well supported!


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