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Glucan 300®: Immune System Superstar

Glucan 300®: Immune System Superstar

When choosing immune support, there are endless options available in the supplement industry. The wide variety of choices can be overwhelming. Effectiveness and value are both important considerations. Many supplements boast numerous benefits but can overstimulate the immune system in unnatural ways. Finding the solution to your immune support needs may, indeed, seem challenging. Fortunately, there is one option that far surpasses the plethora of supplements on the market.

This unique compound gaining ground among immune support is beta glucan. Beta glucan is a plentiful substance found in nature. It can be harvested from mushrooms, barley, oatmeal, seaweed, algae, and many other foods. The most economical and easily obtained source of glucan used for immune support is Baker’s Yeast.

Not all yeast beta glucans are alike. There are many factors to consider when shopping for an effective choice. Purity matters. The body is unable to utilize whole glucan. It is imperative that most of the lipids and proteins be removed. Too many impurities can hinder the binding of glucan to immune cells, resulting in loss of biological activity, thus, adversely affecting the outcome of the immune response. Additionally, it is difficult to isolate the highly active form of glucan from the yeast cell wall. The manufacturing cost is higher because of this. However, the results are worth the cost increase for high-quality beta glucan.

Glucan 300® is a highly purified and supremely effective immunomodulator. Decades of research have proven the efficacy and safety of this glucan. In fact, beta glucan is one of the most studied immune modulators, with Glucan 300® consistently outperforming all competitors. For instance, just one 100 mg capsule of Glucan 300® far exceeds the benefits of even 500 mg doses of other beta glucans on the market. With this in mind, you can feel confident when choosing Glucan 300® for your immune support needs.