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How Powerful Is The Mind/Body Connection?

How Powerful Is The Mind/Body Connection?

Think happy thoughts; seems easy, right? Well, perhaps, if you live your life on an island full of sunshine, spending your days sipping tropical beverages, basking in the glorious light of day, you would never have a care in the world. Happy thoughts would permeate your existence.

However, this is not the life most of us lead. We are constantly bombarded by stress on a consistent basis. Being human on Planet Earth comes with extreme adversity and challenges. Whether it’s facing difficulty in the workplace, or pressures of the family unit, coupled with the societal strain of meeting extremely high expectations; we are catapulted into a frenzied state of doing.

Undoubtedly, this chaotic environment creates extreme tension in our bodies and never-ending restlessness in our minds. The mind/body connection is palpable; our emotions do bear a great impact on our health. Minds that cannot shutdown with overwhelming thoughts translate negative energy to our bodies, creating an imbalance within our immune systems.

Our emotions can contribute to the following issues.

  • Fat Storage
  • Salt Retention
  • Destruction of the Body’s Resistance to Illness and Disease
  • Infertility & Sexual Dysfunction
  • Exacerbation of Diabetes
  • Cholesterol in Blood Vessels
  • Accelerated Heart Rate
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased Risk for Heart Attack & Stroke

On a positive note, we have power over our thoughts. Of course, there may be moments beyond our control that wreak havoc in our minds. But we can still manage how we respond to stressful times. Useful methods to bring your emotions into balance include meditation, listening to peaceful music or affirmations, tai chi, and yoga. Additionally, taking care of yourself with proper sleep, nutrition, and exercise can help you combat high anxiety. Last, but not least, laughter is a wonderful tool to lighten the spirit and improve the mood. For instance, one minute of joyful giggling boosts the immune system for hours!

In summary, we are extremely fortunate to have extensive knowledge and understanding of the mind/body connection. Remaining aware and choosing to stay intentional during great hardship can utilize the protective tools available to us. We have been given this amazing gift of life. It is our responsibility to attune our minds to synchronize with our bodies for the best outcome possible.

Love your body by nurturing your mind!