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Nurturing Your Body In An Ever Changing World

Nurturing Your Body In An Ever Changing World

Much like cultivating a garden, giving your body what it needs to maintain a healthy environment is essential. Our bodies rely on nutrition, adequate water intake, a balanced sleep pattern, and so much more. What happens when our daily routine fails to provide us what we need? Our Immune Systems cannot properly support our bodies with too many gaps in core requirements. Consequently, the vessels we have been gifted with break down, leaving us susceptible to disease and disorder.

Our food no longer sustains us the way it did fifty years ago when our grandparents were young. Depletion of the soil has leached foundational vitamins and minerals out of the fruit and vegetables we consume. The overuse of harmful pesticides exposes us to toxic overload. Antibiotic use in the meat industry disrupts the delicate equilibrium of beneficial bacteria that plays a vital role in maintaining wellness.

Water systems are plagued by issues with the potential for bodily harm. Broken, corroded pipes can release lead into our drinking water. Improper disposal of pharmaceuticals adds extra contaminants to the supply. Additives such as fluoride and chlorine also pose risks to our health.

In today’s world, we are overworked and overstressed. There are not enough hours in the day to complete tasks. We put impossible pressure on ourselves to get ahead of the game, often pushing sleep to the backburner. As a result, our bodies are forced to work harder with less rest, throwing off the circadian rhythm responsible for regulating stress hormones.

What can be done to combat this never-ending cycle of environmental and societal chaos that we face every day? Many supplements make big claims, but where is the evidence? Glucan 300® is proven support for the Immune System backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. Directly affecting the immune response, this powerful, natural immunomodulator can assist your body in the daily battle.