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Purity Standards Make The Biggest Impact

Purity Standards Make The Biggest Impact

We often get the question, “Why is your product more expensive than all the other beta glucans on the market?” It’s not difficult to understand why this is asked due to the raw material, baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), being so much more cost-effective than the finished product. Baker’s yeast is the best raw material for glucan isolation and bioavailability. However, it is rather challenging to procure the glucan molecule out of the yeast cell wall in a highly active form. The problem lies in removing the impurities: the lipids and mannoproteins, which are connected to the ends of the side branches in the intact cell wall. Unfortunately, the removal can result in pronounced loss of desirable, biological activity.

Furthermore, whole yeasts alone are not an ideal source of beta glucan. The extraction and digestion of pure glucan from the cell walls cannot be accomplished by our gastrointestinal tract. The extraction process must be exact enough to remove impurities, as not to hinder the binding site on the membrane of immune cells. Additionally, the large size of a whole glucan particulate is normally not phagocytized (engulfed and ingested) by gut cells. Thus, the significant price difference between Glucan 300® and other brands on the market is easily inferred due to the manufacturing cost to obtain highly purified glucan.

Finally, yet another point to consider is the extraction process itself. Glucan 300® goes through a series of alkaline and acidic washes to attain the highest purity level possible. Much of the raw material is lost in the process due to this stringent purification. Again, this adds to the manufacturing cost, but is, nonetheless, worth the waste to achieve a superior beta glucan. Our focus on purity supersedes any desire to make a cheaper, more profitable product. This is the exact reason Glucan 300® is number one in the marketplace.

“Invest in your health now or pay for it later.” a well-known quote among natural health circles, summarizes the importance of supporting the immune system before a challenge presents itself. We understand that educating your patients and customers on how their bodies are intricately designed to protect and heal themselves is your primary goal. It will not be difficult for them to deduce the value of Glucan 300® as a safe and supremely effective way to maintain immune health. Knowledge is power. With your assistance, your client base can rest assured that their health is worth the investment of adding this natural powerhouse to their daily regimen.

What can be done to combat this never-ending cycle of environmental and societal chaos that we face every day? Many supplements make big claims, but where is the evidence? Glucan 300® is proven support for the Immune System backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. Directly affecting the immune response, this powerful, natural immunomodulator can assist your body in the daily battle.


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