About Transfer Point, and Its Commitment to Quality

When Less is More

Transfer Point is a privately held dietary supplement company focusing on best-in-their-class products. We won't offer a product if we can't make it better than everyone else's on the market. Our focus is on quality, not quantity. That's why we offer a limited line of formulas. We believe in doing a few things very well rather than doing many things merely adequately.

Our Customers

Transfer Point products are available direct to the consumer as well as through independent retail outlets. Our products are also available through health care practitioners such as nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physicians, and dentists. Our ingredient, Glucan 300®, is cited as the best on the market by several published journals, and is available in bulk to supplement formulators and manufacturers.

Focus on Quality

Research by credible organizations and universities is a prerequisite for developing our formulas. Each and every product formula we offer is backed by a large body of solid science, including peer-reviewed research both in the United States and abroad. Our products are manufactured in ISO9001 and cGMP facilities, and we strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Purity and Testing

At Transfer Point, we go above and beyond what's required by law. Every single batch of our beta glucan undergoes 3 phase testing: first, when it's produced, again before encapsulation, and one final time prior to bottling. 3 phase testing ensures our Glucan 300® has not degraded, and that it has retained complete purity and full potency. All our assays are conducted by independent 3rd parties, and at Transfer Point, every single lot receives a certificate of analysis, which is available upon request. Few other supplement manufacturers can say the same. In fact, many supplement manufacturers don't even bother to test regularly. Some of them use certificates of authenticity that are years old, which means the current lot has not been tested. We offer transparency for you to trust but verify you are receiving only the best!


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