Our Mission

To promote and foster natural-born abilities to sustain health for all living things in an ever-changing world, with intelligently formulated supplements, one immune system at a time.

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Our Vision

A world where all living things are able to maintain health through the God-given abilities bestowed upon them.

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Focus On Quality

Transfer Point strives to be the change we wish to see in the dietary supplement industry by providing superior products, excellent service, and research-based education to our customers. Our focus is on quality, not quantity, and we're proud to exclusively offer the most researched immune supplement available worldwide.

Our Customers

Transfer Point products are available direct to the consumer as well as through independent retail outlets. Our products are also recommended by health care practitioners such as nutritionists, naturopaths, chiropractors, physicians, and dentists. Our ingredient, Glucan 300®, is cited as the best on the market by many published journals, and is available in bulk to supplement formulators and manufacturers.

Extensive Benefits for All

Beta 1,3D Glucan serves a wide range of the populace. Men, women, children ages 4+, the aging population, athletes, pets, and those living or working in stressful situations, polluted environments, or facing other challenges all benefit from the use of highly potent Glucan 300®.

Transfer Point Glucan 300®

Effectiveness is substantiated by peer review medical studies. The following effects were results of the research:

Beta Big

    Enhanced Overall Immune Health

    Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association: “Glucan 300® - the most effective supplement for a healthy immune system.”


    Abundant Energy & Mental Clarity         

    Dr. Vaclav Vetvicka, PhD, University of Louisville: “Glucan #300 was the biologically most relevant immunomodulator.”


Naturally Effective

By binding to innate immune cells and priming them for high level activity, Glucan 300® accomplishes what it was designed to do. No other immunomodulator works with such precision and accuracy. †

Superior Purity

Glucan 300® prevails with the highest bioavailability among glucans in the marketplace. Scientifically backed by comparison research, this powerful immunomodulator’s efficacy ranks first. †

Patent Protected

Glucan 300®’s proprietary purification process and clinical applications are protected by over 200 patents. Customers can be certain our high standards of quality will remain secure and preserved. †

  • There is no comparison, Glucan 300® ranks 1st in purity & effectiveness.

    The purity of Beta 1,3D Glucan is of critical consideration. Our Glucan 300® has significantly outperformed all other immune supplements tested in universities worldwide because of our patented purification process. Studies continue to show Transfer Point's Glucan 300® as being significantly more effective than our top competitors. We aren't transparent about our purification process but the results are clear, not one single supplement evaluated was close to matching the immune enhancing capabilities of our Beta Glucan. †

  • The Supreme Choice for Immune Health

    Research undeniably substantiates the broad range of support Beta 1,3D Glucan offers to the immune response. Throughout numerous clinical trials, Transfer Point's Glucan 300® consistently ranks #1 among all other beta glucans on the market! Partnering with the best guarantees you are setting yourself up for success. Our reputation of excellence, along with an exceptional focus on quality, makes Glucan 300® the supreme choice for immune health. †


  • How much Glucan 300® should I take?

    Your immune system consists of trillions of cells working to keeping you pathogen-free, and about two thirds are phagocytes. Phagocytes are responsible for the front line defense of your immune response. In the average person, only 31% of these phagocytes are active. By taking Transfer Point's Beta Glucan you can significantly increase your amount of immune activity. All of those extra active cells add up to a stronger immune response, which keeps you healthier! †


"When I share Beta 1,3D Glucan with my patients, I know they have a safe and effective product that meets their healthcare needs."

"After 30 years of dental surgery, I found a biological response modifier that I use along with the standard of care to help deal with several complex issues."

"The biologically most relevant immunomodulator."

"As it is a natural substance, there are no side effects and there is no danger of overdose. Clearly Beta Glucan is a natural, safe, specific and highly effective way to keep our immune system healthy” 

I cannot speak highly enough about Transfer Point's Beta Glucan. A friend of mine introduced me to the product some years ago when I was unwell and so I agreed to try it. I was amazed when I began seeing positive results in just a few days. I know from the huge changes that began taking place in my body that this was a superior product that had to come from a company that was prepared to use the best ingredients available and in proportions that really make a difference! I would recommend Beta Glucan, only from Transfer Point, to anyone who is dealing with some health challenges and is looking to improve their quality of life!