Glucan 300® is the trademarked name for Transfer Point's highly purified Beta 1,3D Glucan and is well-established in marketplaces worldwide. With our 20+ year reputation in the beta glucan industry, we're known and trusted as the premier source for beta glucan for immune support.


Glucan 300® is the sure way to offer your customers long-term immune support they can count on, and we offer multiple options so you can choose the perfect fit for your business and customers.


We welcome partners from all over the world.

With the help of the US Department of Commerce and the South Carolina Department of Commerce, we're committed to making sure Glucan 300® reaches as many markets as possible.


If you're outside of the United States, we can provide any documentation necessary for clearance and registration.


In other words: We're invested in your success.


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How can we help you?



The fastest and easiest way to add Glucan 300® to your product lineup is private labeling. Our low minimums ensure your ability to grow at the pace you choose.


We can help with label design and printing, applying your labels, and maintaining the retains and records required by law (for a small fee). Private labels also enjoy the added coverage of Transfer Point's Product Liability insurance, which meets the minimums required by major resellers in resale environments.


Most importantly, we prioritize stocking unlabeled inventory to expedite orders and reduce your lead times.

We also offer bulk capsules for unique packaging needs and can assist with packaging options. 



It's easy to add Glucan 300® to existing formulas and new products. We can provide quantities as low as 10 kg, and are the perfect fit for smaller, niche markets. 


Glucan 300® is an ideal addition to many products including food, drinks, supplements, and even cosmetics.


We also offer bulk capsules for unique packaging needs and can assist with packaging options. 



Increasing numbers of practitioners, specialty stores, and website owners are customizing unique blends, bringing a variety of wellness options to the market.


Create your own proprietary formulation using Glucan 300®.

All of our products are manufactured in ISO9001 facilities and strictly follow cGMP requirements.


Glucan 300® is a perfect compliment and premium choice for luxury cosmetics.