How Glucan 300® works

50 to 70% of ALL white blood cells in your body are ONE TYPE of cell:



(pronounced: noo-truh-fil)


Your body produces approximately 1,000,000,000,000 neutrophils every day.

About 30% are normally active.


Normal, healthy populations of neutrophils usually involve about 30-31% activity.*(1)


So, right now, almost 70% of your most abundant immune cell population isn't really doing anything important. These cells are an essential part of your immune response.


Wouldn't it be nice to put this huge army of trillions of cells to good use?

Wake them up!


Neutrophils are your #1 immune cell in numbers, but it takes the worst invader, fungus, to really turn them on. This is where Glucan 300® fits into the big picture. It fills a gap (a receptor site) on neutrophils that allows them to "wake up" and get involved.

1) Glucan 300® travels through the stomach and is delivered to immune cells through the Peyer's Patches.

2) Immune cells digest the glucan and transport it throughout the body via the lymphatic system. *(2)

3) The digested glucan binds to specific receptor cites on immune cells *(2); Now they are alert!


Neutrophils aren't the only immune cells to benefit from Glucan 300®. Macrophages, NK cells, and eosinophils also have receptor sites for beta 1,3D glucan.


All of these cells together make up 75-80% of your total immune army.

Properly maintained and supported immune cells can do three important things:


Move Fast

When beta 1,3D glucan is bound to immune cells they become alert and move with a sense of urgency.*(3)

Fight Hard


"Eating" cells (known as phagocytes) will engulf more and digest faster with Glucan 300® bound to their receptor sites.*(1) 

Increase Population


Beta 1,3D glucan supports the production of immune cells in bone marrow* through production of GM-CSF.*(4)

What if there isn't a receptor site for beta 1,3D glucan?

Glad you asked!


There are a lot of other cells and important parts of a healthy immune response that can benefit from the support of Glucan 300®, too.

In other words...

Glucan 300® supports the body's immune response without causing overstimulation by binding to innate immune cells and priming them for high-level activity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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